Covid lockdown realities

It’s almost the end of Jan 2021 and the UK has been in lockdown a number of times over the past couple of years. Working from home is being discussed in my professional circles as the possible standard, the norm. Perhaps it’s a good thing but it also has changed us in countless ways – there’s a plethora of reading material on this very topic so I’m not going to go there. This post will largely be about my experiences and since you’ll have dug this out for no other reason than to peek into my life I hope this will entertain.

Past COVID-19 infection provides some immunity but people may still carry  and transmit virus - GOV.UK

Professionally, solo work is way more productive but my working relationships have hit the pause button. This is significant – most office-related duties require some level of collaboration and I really miss the banter/camaraderie. That 2 hr round-trip commute is worth it, to hell with fellow commuter bad manners/poor personal hygiene.

Again on an insular note, I’ve been reading a lot from the works of Trevor Leggett, a British judo legend who wrote some though-provoking Zen pieces in the context of Judo and other areas. How can you not get more insular when you spend so much time indoors?

Controversially, I feel mild envy for child-less couples. The idea of spending my free time on a selfish pursuit like Netflix movie marathons, online gaming extravaganzas or attacking my ever-growing book backlog are a dream when you have two under 5s assaulting your patience and senses every 2 seconds.

Social media appears to have filled the void when I get the pangs for a group social outing. There’s the usual friendly chatter, the deliberate and targeted advertising and enough carefully curated stimulus to get that dopamine flowing.

I’ve rediscovered books generally; the lack of commuting has given me loads more work time balanced with family and reading time (that 2 hrs a day does add up). My latest favourite is Bill Bryson – his writing is entertaining: the right level of self-deprecation alongside a wealth of great research on the topic he’s writing about (I just read his book on Australia).

We just booked a family holiday for later in the year – you’ve gotta look forward to something. I still thinking people that have booked an overseas holiday this year are being plain silly….

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