Web services useful tip

A useful tip that may help you if you’re in my line of work (i.e. running tech projects).

So you’re project managing a mobile app or web build and your app/site needs to connect with a web service to consume data/work with their api.  The vendor who’s supplied these services swears blind that they’re working and all is good.  Your developers are saying that the web services are buggy and not working.  Who’s saying the truth?

A good tester I’ve worked with in the past, Chaz Button pointed me in the direction of Hurl.it.  If I believed in God I would consider it a God send!  It’s a useful tool where you simply fill in the details of the web service call (saving you having to write some kind of wrapper yourself in code) and voila!  Your answer is there in black and white as to whether the web service works (which means your developers are wrong) or not (which means the 3rd party needs to fix it).


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