What I do

As I’ve gone down the freelance route, I’m a lot more flexible in what I can provide to the world at large. These are based around two particular areas:

Technical Project Management
I’ve been a Technical Project Manager in media agencies, working for clients such as British Gas/Centrica, Mazda Motors Europe, Monocle magazine, Stylus magazine, Fascination records, Royal Mail/Post Office to name a few.
If you need a Project Manager for a technical build, or if you’d just like consultancy on what route to take before you make a substantial technology investment, get in touch.

Consultancy and Training
My passions lie around technology and how it can benefit within small businesses and charities.  I can provide a good overview into what the technology landscape is for your small business/charity and how it can benefit you.  I can also go small-scale and assist you with specific software products.  Just ask or have a look at a more comprehensive breakdown of my services.