Consultancy and Training

A list of training that I provide can be found here. Bear in mind that the training you’ll receive is largely based around what your requirements are – I’m not going to force you into paying for a 10 week course when all you need is a few pointers here and there! Once you get in touch, we can then figure out together what you/your business needs:

Setting up a Web site
Having a website has become a business necessity these days. There’s plenty of free/cheap hosting and tools, where do I start? Well, first read my blog, and if you’d like me to work up an action plan with you, I’d be happy to help.

Getting your company/charity to work in the cloud, for free
One thing the internet excels at, is providing you with the tools to organize your company or charity in a free or cost effective way. I can provide you with the training to help you do this. Start off by reading this blog post first!

Microsoft Project
I’ve been using Microsoft Project for years. Whether you’re starting out as a Project Manager or are looking to get a little more savvy with running projects via Microsoft Project, I can tailor a training program that’s right for you.